Our Mission

"Depending on the grace of God, London City Presbyterian Church will promote the supremacy of Christ in London by being a growing community committed to God-centred, inclusive worship, a strong expository preaching ministry, effective discipleship training, appropriate pastoral care for every member of the congregation and ongoing engagement in local and international mission."

1. A Growing Community:

The church like all living things must grow. Growth and life are inseparable. This is true especially of Christ's church which has been commissioned to grow and advance and extend the boundaries of Christ's dominion in all the earth (Matt. 28:18-20). Growth must be both numerical and spiritual. At London City Presbyterian Church (LCPC) we seek to grow inwardly, in our maturity and likeness to Christ, and outwardly in our gathering from every nation, tribe, people, and language, a family of sinners redeemed by Jesus Christ to the praise of God's glorious grace. Growing bigger and growing deeper are twin concerns that will always dominate our ministry as a congregation.

2. Committed to God Centred Worship.

We believe that the worship of God is the most significant and wonderful activity human beings can engage in. Consequently we seek to pursue worship that is pleasing to God, is saturated with an atmosphere of reverence and awe in his presence, and derives its distinctive shape and pattern from God's own inspired word. Because we believe that God speaks in Scripture we sing the Bible, pray the Bible, read the Bible, and preach the Bible.

3. Committed to Inclusive Worship

Because we believe that the church is the covenant community, the true Israel, the family of the living God, visible unity in the praise of God is important to us. Every person baptised into the name of the Triune God is a member of that covenant community, and is to gather with the whole assembly every Lord's Day to renew the covenant in worship. LCPC is committed to worship that pursues the integration of whole families, covenant parents with their covenant children, and the integration of covenant members from all nations and races, into a single congregation, so that we might be an imperfect copy on earth of the great assembly of saints in glory (Revelation 7:9-10).

4. A Strong Expository Preaching Ministry

'Sola Scriptura', the Bible alone, is a precious Reformation principle we believe to be vital for the health and spiritual welfare of the church and its members. At LCPC we will maintain a strong emphasis on the careful exposition of portions and books of Holy Scripture, believing this to be the best way to feed the flock of God with a balanced diet of spiritually satisfying truth, and encourage its members to conform the whole of their faith and life to the Bible alone.

5. Effective Discipleship Training

It is our aim to equip the saints for works of service (Eph. 4:11-13). In LCPC this is achieved through the weekly preaching of God's word, by a rigorous and creative Sunday school curriculum, and by a regular programme of home-group bible studies to which every member will be encouraged to commit, and holds regular congregational prayer meetings. We actively encourage our members to look for, create, and engage in new initiatives for Christian service within the congregation and beyond.

6. Appropriate Pastoral Care for Every Member of the Congregation

LCPC is committed to caring for the spiritual and pastoral needs of our whole congregation. Whenever anyone joins our congregation they will be allocated an elder who is given the primary responsibility to ensure that they are adequately cared for. While the elders will exercise a careful watch over all its members and seek to promote their growth in grace, they take seriously the injunctions to exercise discipline within the household of faith. Although part of our desire is to shepherd the flock in a manner that ensures that formal pastoral admonition, suspension from the Lord's Table, and final excommunication, need never be resorted to, they nevertheless remain important elements of our duty to shepherd the flock faithfully. Even in the most extreme cases of discipline however, our goal is always the restoration of the fallen brother or sister to a full place of fellowship and service in the life of the congregation.

At a 'grass roots' level, we encourage every member to continue to look out not only for their own interests but also the interests of others, practising hospitality, and praying for and with one another. Our system of house groups provides care and mutual support and promotes the development of meaningful relationships throughout the congregation.

7. Ongoing Engagement in Local and International Mission

LCPC has a strong tradition of supporting worldwide mission work with missionaries serving all over the world connected to our congregation. We will promote the cause of world mission and will pray for and with the mission agencies and individuals with whom we have a connection. We will ensure regular missionary speakers are given opportunity to address the congregation, and we will actively promote prayer for world mission both in our congregational prayer meeting and in families.

We are anxious to make LCPC an effective centre of witness in London and will engage in evangelism training, evangelistic services and events. We will create an evangelism committee to oversee and encourage the active pursuit of evangelism throughout the congregation.

More than any other commitment we make, we desire that Jesus Christ have all the glory. We do want LCPC to grow numerically and spiritually. We do want our worship to be vibrant and moving. We do thirst for good preaching. We are anxious to care for those God has entrusted to us. We do wish to support and advance the cause of world and home missions. Yet we long for all this so that Jesus may have the supreme place in more and more homes and families, hearts and minds. May God save us from any desire to make a name for ourselves, or build our own kingdom, and may he grant us all grace to be willing and happy servants in the building of his Kingdom to the glory of his name.